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Sponsor a Bosnian orphan

The need to care for Bosnia 's orphans goes on. This year, with your help, the European Benevolence Fund aims to sponsor seven orphans. Sponsorship comprises full scholarship towards their living expenses, study fees and any travelling costs incurred as part of living in a hostel. With your help, your adopted child can continue their studies and have hope for the future.

One full scholarship costs just £300 a year - that's only £25 a month. This is enough for your orphan to enjoy a reasonable standard of living.

Our current project, which began on 6th November 2005 , aims to help orphans with their basic studies, offer financial support for excellent orphan students, create stronger local communities by educating young people, and work towards a better future for the Balkans' poor communities.

Recently, we have received strong support from charitable institutions and individuals. Their donations have enabled as to allocate four scholarships to the Bosnian orphans. With your help, we can continue this important work.

Rules and regulations for making a grant to an orphan:

1 The trustees have agreed to a simple grant application, to be made by applicant or their institutions in writing.

The criteria for giving a grant to an applicant will be:

•  Financial circumstances of an applicant

•  Financial circumstances of applicant's family, if any

•  Academic excellence, and

•  Letter of reference issued by applicant's current or previous institution.

2 The trustees have agreed that £10,000 should be the maximum award or grant given to an individual or organisation during the financial year.

3 The trustees have agreed to make continuous grants for the duration of a course, as the aim is to sponsor students from the beginning to the end of their courses, whether they last one or four years.

4 To ensure that the funds granted are applied for exclusively charitable purposes, the trustees will require regular reports from the institutions.

To enquire about sponsoring a child, please click here.

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